A continually updated list of standalone videos, regularly updated YouTube and other vlog channels, and movies or documentaries that discuss faithful LGBTQ and Christian life.


Suggested YouTube Videos


Vlogs and Series

Kevin Garcia, Queer Stuff & Jesus & the Hot Mess Life

Austen Hartke, Transgender and Christian

The Reformation Project

Parity, Queer + Christian

New Direction Ministries

Eliel Cruz

Brian Murphy


Movies / Documentaries

Out of Order (2018) is a documentary revealing the complex and painful struggles faced by LGBTQ faith leaders as they confront entrenched bigotry and work to build loving support within their churches. Out of Order is currently in preview screenings and is slated for general release in 2018.

Love the Sinner (2017) is a 15-minute documentary exploring the connection between Christianity and homophobia in the wake of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible (2017) documents Toscano Peterson’s performance lecture and full dramatic play of genre-bending, gender-blending Bible interpretations, which deepen well-known (and lesser-known) Bible stories and present an array of Bible characters with an array of genders. Preview available on Vimeo.

Here I Am (2016) is a 30-minute series of stories of coming out and being a Christian. Available on Vimeo.

Holler If You Hear Me: Black & Gay in the Church is a 2015 documentary providing an inside look at the LGBT community in the Black church.  Available on

Blackbird (2014) tells the fictional story of a black Christian teenage boy trying to suppress his gayness while dealing with his complicated family situation and trying to help produce a school play with his small band of friends. Available on Netflix.

The New Black, a 2013 documentary, examines how African-American voters have become bitterly divided on the issue of gay marriage because of homophobia rampant in the Black church. Focusing on the fight for marriage equality in the state of Maryland, it examines the complex intertwined histories of gays and blacks and the idea that this hot-button issue is a matter of civil rights. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Voices of Witness: Out of the Box (2012) is a 30-minute documentary giving voice to the witness of transgender people of faith courageously telling their stories of hope, healing and wholeness. Available on YouTube.

The Wise Kids, a 2011 film exploring the lives and faith of three youth group kids suddenly faced with their understandings and beliefs about sexuality. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Pariah (2011): a young Black lesbian tries to balance her personal acceptance of her sexuality with the closeted life she lives with her Christian family. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Through My Eyes, a 2010 production through the Gay Christian Network that tells the stories of young Christians who have been part of their churches’ discussions on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Available on YouTube at the link above.

Fish Out of Water is a 2009 documentary discussing the seven “clobber verses” with pastors who support and pastors who oppose same-gender relationships. Available for streaming with an Amazon Prime account, and also available on DVD.

For the Bible Tells Me So, a 2007 documentary following five American families through the process of a child’s coming out and coming to terms with faith. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin is a 2003 documentary telling the story of Bayard Rustin, a gay Christian civil rights activist who was instrumental in coordinating the March on Washington in 1963, and was a close friend of Martin Luther King, Jr.  This documentary covers both his activism and the problems he faced as a gay man at that time. Available on

Call to Witness is a 1999 documentary about Lutheran churches wanting to affirm gay and lesbian people not only as Christians but also as pastors. Available free with an Amazon Prime membership. 

“What do I do if my child is gay?”  Lead with Love is a 35-minute documentary created to help answer that question and includes interviews with psychologies and clergy.  The film is free to watch online after completing a short survey.