Online Resources

Queer Theology provides a supportive community and in-depth resources for queer Christians and straight supporters, with free email affirmations, digital resources, podcasts, and an online community.

Matthias Roberts has published a LGBTQ+ Christian Reading Guide of online posts, resources, people to follow, and videos to watch.  (Many of those resources are re-posted here!)

Believe Out Loud is an online community that empowers Christians to work for LGBTQ equality.

Acting Out Loud is a guide for faith communities that want to move beyond welcome toward a wider embrace of LGBT people and their families.

The Reformation Project works to train Christians to support and affirm LGBT people.

Q Christian Fellowship is a long-running LGBTQ and Christian support network, offering articles, an online forum, and yearly in-person conferences.

Queer Christian Family Values (QCFV) was founded in March 2018 by Alexander (Alex) Burchnell. He wanted a way to document his faith journey as an LGBT Christian. QCFV started out on Instagram with simple videos and pictures of Alex’s transition and views on Christianity but quickly grow into an outreach organization both virtually and local to the Johnson City, TN area.

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry works to advance the well-being of LGBTQ people and to transform faith communities and the wider society by taking a leading role in shaping a new public discourse on religion, gender and sexuality through education, research, community building and advocacy. Their site features many articles and resources on interpretation and theology.

Human Rights Campaign runs a Religion & Faith section with continually updated articles and resources around current issues in LGBTQ life and faith.

Religion Dispatches has a Sexuality/Gender section which addresses current events and issues around the life of being LGBTQ and Christian.

The Advocate hosts a Religion section with continually updated content on current events in the Christian life of LGBTQ people.

Canyon Walker Connections works to repair the division existing between social and Christian conservatives and the LGBT community through education, training, encouragement, and dialogue in both secular and religious environments.

New Direction Ministries of Canada works to nurture safe and spacious places for sexual minority persons to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.

Inclusive Orthodoxy advocates for a church orthodox in theology and grounded in the radical message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—a message of love, a proclamation of hope for the oppressed, an invitation towards all regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

The Institute for Welcoming Resources is an ecumenical group working in multiple denominations to help churches become welcoming and affirming of all congregants regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Their site is full of denominational information along with many free PDF downloads of articles, workshops, and other resources.

LoveBoldly seeks to empower willing Christians and sexual minorities to move towards loving one another boldly.

TransFaith is a national non-profit that is led by transgender people and focused on issues of faith and spirituality, working to affirm, empower, and engage transgender and gender non-conforming people and their communities.

ManyVoices is a “black church movement for gay and transgender justice.”

Soulforce works to end the political and religious oppression of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people through relentless nonviolent resistance.

My T Spirit is a collection of images and stories of transgender and Christian people.

Faith in America is a non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to end decades and centuries of using religious teachings to justify marginalizing and discriminating against others.

QSpirit is a project from lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry, compiling a list of religious events, saints, and books around the topics of LGBTQ life and Christianity.

FreedHearts provides comprehensive pay-what-you-can video courses that equip parents, LGBTQI people, and the faith community to love, heal, and affirm.

Diverse Church runs a blog, Twitter, and YouTube channel with resources to support LGBTQIA Christians, including ages 14-17.

Whosoever is a now-archived blog and magazine with many resources and stories around the LGBT life of faith. is an archived website full of resources.